Trump Vs Aliens

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Short Description:

President Donald Trump fights to save America against the evil robots

Long Description:

In the year 2020 Donald Trump has made America great again, but Artificial Intelligence created in Silicon Valley have turned on the humans and waged war for control. President Trump is in the front line and ready for the challenges and difficulties to take back the world. In this action game, you get to shoot, jump and run through different challenges and your objective is to complete each given mission. 

Trumpinator comes with a super engaging graphics, easy to learn gameplay and of course cool surrounding music and sound effects. There are some virtual buttons to move to the left and right, and another button to jump (touch once for a normal jump and twice for a higher jump). You’ll get used to the gameplay after just a few tries and after that, you must focus on the road, and decide when to shoot and when to jump. 

In your dangerous path, you get to take down the robots, jump over the obstacles and collect coins. There are also ammo cartridges to collect to make sure you never run out of bullets and your gun is fully loaded. Speaking of the guns, before starting a mission, you can select your gun from your powerful arsenal. Collect enough coins to buy the Trambo automatic machine gun

For now, there are 3 different missions with endless running and jumping levels. Available missions are: Robot Invasion, New York City and The Capital. Sin City Las Vegas and Mar-a-Lago missions will be added soon along with many more in the works.

Trumpinator Main Features at a Glance: 

• Neat design with cool graphics

• Easy to learn but hard to master

• 3 different missions with different challenges (More missions to come soon)

• A Powerful arsenal with different weapons including: Rifle, Shotgun, Flame Thrower and Automatic Machine Gun.

• Collect coins to unlock new items

• Fun for all ages

• Free to play

Trumpinator is all about killing the rogue artificial intelligent robots, and try to survive and complete the missions. As you collect more coins, you’ll be able to unlock more advanced weapons from the Trumpinator arsenal. You can also challenge yourself, see how far you can go and improve your distance record.  How long can President Trump survive the war on machines?

Don’t forget that you have just one life, and you need to protect it by shooting robots and avoid hitting the obstacles on your way. As the Trumpinator you need to be fast and precise to shoot and kill the robots at the right time, and you should also decide quickly when to go for a simple jump and when to go for a higher double jump. 

Trumpinator is completely free to play, and with its friendly interface, challenging story and addictive gameplay, you can play it for hours and hours. So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to help the President Trump win the war against the machine robots? Do you think you can survive and save the citizens of the United States from these evil robots? You are the only hope of the people in New York, Washington and the United States.

Download this jump and run game for free and let us know about any bugs, feature requests and suggestions. Your feedback is really valuable to us and will help us improving the game in the next updates. 

A message from the Trumpinator: “Get to the chopper and shoot some robots! Make America Safe Again!” 




Special Thanks to Graphic Contributors:

Zouhair Serrar, Tim Douel, Frank Tyler, Clint Bellanger, Brian MacIntosh

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